Media Releases

SYLH - Presidents Reports - Summer 202028-Apr-2020

We all sincerely hope that this Summer season is proving to be better than last year. As prev..

SYLH - Presidents Report - June 201927-Apr-2020

I refer readers to earlier reports which may have been read by many of you as they were produced for..

SYLH- Media Release- March 201731-Mar-2017

Expansion of the Agricultural Sector of the Tasmanian economy 10 fold by 2050 as promoted/planne..

Balangara ' Looking After Our Food' wins second prize04-Nov-2016

We are delighted that Balangara have won a 2nd place award for best short film at the 2016 Tasma..

Commonwealth government moves to Avoid beekeeping and pollination crisis01-Jul-2007

The commonwealth government sees the risk of a crisis in The honey bee and pollination industri..